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Dear Clarinet and Saxophone players,


from 1–8 July 2023 the Annual 22nd International Master Classes for Clarinet and Saxophone will take place in the new building of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music of the University of Ostrava. The event will include expert lectures, individual lessons, and joint public concerts of participants and lecturers.


In addition to individual lessons and chamber music in ensembles, it also focuses on the inclusion of professional lectures and seminars led by invited specialists on the relevant topics (History and Development of the Clarinet, Elementary Problems in Clarinet and Saxophone Play, Basics and Development of Breathing Control Technique, Contemporary Clarinet Techniques, History of the French Wind School, Jazz Elements in Artificial Music, etc.). This year we would like to concentrate on preparing young clarinettists for an orchestra audition, led by Andrew Marriner (special guest, UK), Gabor Varga (Hungary, USA), and Arkadiusz Adamski (Poland). Igor Františák will help students interested in studying the historical clarinet, chalumeau, and classical basset horn. You will have the chance to develop modern clarinet playing techniques under the guidance of Karel Dohnal. The saxophone master class will again be led by Philippe Portejoie (France) and Pawel Gusnar (Poland).

ver the course of six individual lessons (45 minutes) you will be able to work on improving your playing and interpreting traditional and non-traditional repertoire. Finally, you will be able to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge and skills at a public concert of the course participants, which will be held in the concert hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music of the University of Ostrava and will be recorded for audio and video.

As many as three professional top piano accompanists will be available to you during the lessons and concert. There will be space for chamber music as well. During the courses, products from Buffet Crampon, Gleichweit, D'Addario, etc. will be presented. 


We look forward to your participation!

See you in Ostrava!

Igor Františák and Karel Dohnal



Arkadiusz Adamski (Poland)
Karel Dohnal (Czech Republic)
Igor Františák (Czech Republic)
Gabor Varga (Hungary, USA)
special guest: Andrew Marriner (Great Britain)

Philippe Portejoie (France)
Pawel Gusnar (Poland)



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