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Dear Clarinet and Saxophone players,
We would like to invite you to the 21st annual summer master classes in Ostrava from 30th of June - 6th of July 2022. Ostrava is the 3rd biggest city in the Czech Republic, located in North Moravia, 300 kilometers east of Prague. This course will give you the opportunity to work very intensively with excellent players and teachers. During one week you will have at least 5 individual lessons (45-minutes each)! This is a big difference compared to other similar courses, where you have seldom more than two lessons. Besides studying your repertoire and new pieces, you could work with us for example on developing your tone quality, speed of staccato, good breathing or to learn some of the new techniques (slap tongue, double staccato, circular breathing, etc). There will be 3 professional pianists available for accompaniment during the lessons and a clarinet repair specialist. There are enough practicing rooms and you will be free to attend listening of any of the courses (usually we have about 50 students, aged from 10 to 60, mostly advanced and medium advanced). We will organize few teachers and participants concerts which will be recorded live, we will give you these professional recordings. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or visit our web page including more information and pictures from previous years.

See you in Ostrava!

Igor Františák and Karel Dohnal

Art agency FMG Artists:

Na Hradbách 10
702 00 Ostrava 1
Czech Republic
phone: +420 603 986 344

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